Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wake by Lisa McMann

Hmmm...where to start with this review. I liked the book and I didn't like it, if that even makes any sense. I loved the main idea for the book; a teenager who gets sucked into other peoples dream and nightmares. This main idea sticks and as the reader you learn about Janie's "condition" and how since she was little when people fall asleep around or near her she gets pulled in, but is still awake, only she can't function or see anything. As described in the book it appears as if she is having a seizure when this happens. The book is broken up by date and time and has a lot of short choppy sentences, which I know is to give the book a certain feel to it, a more in the moment feel or a rushed feeling. Once I got a bit more into the book I got over the choppiness of the sentences, but it did still bother me a bit. I only think it bothered me since I really love authors who are really descriptive and draw a scene with details in words. I missed this aspect of the book and felt if it had been more detailed it would have been more intense and held my interest more. 

I did feel I got to know Janie's character, but I longed for more out of this book. I also felt like there was  lot of foul language that also bothered me in the book. I know the author was probably trying to portray the life of a current 17 year old teenager, but I just felt it didn't need to be there. 

I am currently reading the second book of this trilogy and am finding I am annoyed with similar things. I'll post a review of that book as well when I am finished. Overall I can see teens interested in this book who really like paranormal romance books.

The Wake Trilogy
by Lisa McMann



  1. I have this book on my TBR not read it yet :D

  2. I have mixed feelings on it as you can see in my review, but it was definitely an interesting read and concept! Hope you enjoy it when you read it! :)