Saturday, February 28, 2009

Children's Literature

I have been wanting to start a book blog based on all the children and teen books I have read and will be reading. Well here it is...finally!

I am currently in the Library Science program at the University of Arizona, and have been taking a lot of classes that focus on children's literature. I have taken "children's literature in a multi-cultural society", and am currently taking "adolescent literature" & "children and public libraries". We are reading tons of books, and I want to review and write more about books I like and don't like. I hope this will prove helpful to some in finding books for your kids to read, or even for adults to read. I personally read more kids books than adult books and am proud to admit it!

I also am going to be finding other websites or blogs that focus on children's literature or young adult books and posting links. I would love any feedback or any other links anyone else knows about!