Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pieces (A Breakaway Novel) by Michelle Davidson Argyle

** spoiler alert **  
I really enjoyed The Breakaway by Argyle and was so thrilled to know there would be a sequel. I love Argyle's writing style and couldn't put it down. I felt the sequel really tied the books together and gave me a definite sense of completion. I loved how it ended and I loved how Naomi finally seemed to realize all the consequences and the reality of what her kidnapping had done to her. Her character to me really blossomed and I loved how it ended. I would definitely recommend this book!


  1. It has a sequel? I read breakaway sometime ago and in my opinion, the story did end perfectly, without needing a sequel..

    1. I, too, like how The Breakaway ended, in its own way it was complete to me too, but I thoroughly enjoyed Pieces and how it tied them together in another whole way as well. A great book! You should read it as well!